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Bedford Autodrome Track Guide

Bedford Autodrome Track Guide

Bedford Autodrome is located on a former Aerospace airbase in Bedfordshire. Over a five year period former Formula One driver Jonathan Palmer has developed the track using all his motorsport experience tweeking and changing it until it was perfect. He has created a fantastic circuit with some excellent corners, S bends, hairpins and excellent high speed sections that would test any car to its limit. Bedford is unique as it has four main circuits that all link together to form an amazing 3.6 mile Gran Turismo circuit or 34 other configurations. This is an ideal first Track Day circuit as it has no barriers due to the fact it doesn’t host any races which makes it much safer as the run off areas are massive giving you less things to hit. Bedford is also new base of channel Fives Fifth Gear where you can see all the presenters test driving cars around the track.


Bedford Autodrome Aerial View

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West Circuit
Track Length:
1.7 miles  (2.73 km)

South Circuit
Track Length:
1.3 miles  (2.09 km)

North Circuit
Track Length:
0.67 miles  (1.07 km)

East Circuit
Track Length:
0.73 miles  (1.17 km)

Gran Turismo Circuit
Track Length:
3.6 miles  (5.79 km)

Bedford Autodrome
Thurleigh Airfield
MK44 2YP
Tel: 01234 332400
Fax: 01234 332415

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