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UK Drag Strip Guides

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UK Drag Strip Guides

Drag racing was started in the late 20s or early 30s in Southern California on the beach and then later moved onto Tarmac so they could go faster and gain more traction. In 1947 the Southern California Timing Association and then the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) was found in 1951 with the first ever official drag race event taking place in 1953.

Drag racing is sport which bikes or cans cover a quarter mile (1320ft) in the fastest possible time from a standing start. A traffic light system lets the two drivers know when to start reving there engine before the finally turn to green and the race begins. There are many different classes that take part in the races from road going cars to the Top Alcohol cars been capable of doing the quarter mile in under six seconds. The most famous drag strip in the UK is Santa Pod which hosts the European FIA Drag Racing championships and hosts many different events. Here you will find guides on to all UK Drag Strips.

Crail Raceway Drag Strip

Crail Raceway

North Weald Drag Strip

North Weald

York Raceway Drag Strip

York Raceway

East Kirkby Drag Strip

East Kirkby

Santa Pod Drag Strip

Santa Pod

Elvington Drag Strip


Shakepeare County Drag Strip

Shakespeare County

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