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Heyford Park Track Guide

Heyford Park Track Guide

Heyford Park is situated an ex US airforce base giving masses of run off area and long open straight with a nice combination of corners. Located in the heart of Oxfordshire this family run track is ideal for track day novices but will push even the most experienced drivers through its series of challenging corners. Heyford is a high speed circuit with two long straights allowing you to push your car to the limit. This track was also used as a driving train facility for the Themes Valley Police and has been in many videos including Travis and Feeder to name just a few.

Heyford started life as a RAF base back in 1918 and was used throughout the First World War and was just a grass runway. In 1944 they concreted the runway making the 1.3 miles ideal for what we know now as the main track area. In 1951 Heyford was rented out to the US Airforce who stayed up until the last flights 1993. Sadly in 1996 they demolished the airbase leaving the runways and the 56 huge hardened aircraft shelters that are its main feature.

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Track Length:
1.4 miles  (2.253 km)
Track Direction: Clockwise
Corners: 7

Heyford Park
Upper Heyford
Camp Road
OX25 5HD

Circuit Directions - Click Here


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