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How to get into karting
How to get started in go karting

How to get into Karting

The rise in popularity of Formula 1 drivers like Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, has led to a renewed interest in karting. Whether you want a fun day out with your mates, or you are an aspiring professional racing driver, karting is a fantastic way to get into motor sports without breaking the bank. The karts have a very low centre of gravity which  means they are much harder to flip if you have an accident. This makes karting a relatively safe sport, without compromising on the thrill of  hurtling around a racetrack at breakneck speeds.

The best way to get started is to go down to your local track and have a go! It`s as easy as that. Most centres offer arrive and drive sessions where you can turn up and race their karts. You will be given a safety briefing before going out on the track so you`ll be prepared for racing conditions. Once you feel confident, start getting involved in your  local centres Grand Prix events and enjoy the thrill of racing competitively against others. If you want to get serious about karting as a way of accessing motor sports, then take it to the next level and start going to as many races as you can. Get to know the people  involved, the events that happen both in your area and further afield and look at getting your license and your own kart, ready to race. The Motor Sports Association (MSA) regulates kart racing as a motor sport in the UK, so you will need to hold a competition license, a Kart complying with MSA regulations and a crash helmet and overalls. Once you have these you can take part in UK Karting series such as the Super Championships or NatSKA racing. Anyone from the age of 8 can participate; providing they meet the minimum requirements and this is where the majority of drivers today get their racing experience. If you have a passion for the sport, there is nothing to stop you getting out  on the track - who knows, you might be the next Nigel Mansell!

If you are serious about getting into karting, there are a number of  tracks across the UK where you can enjoy the thrill of this motor sport. Park Resorts Bideford Bay offers fantastic access to tracks in North Devon, so you can stay in the best accommodation whilst fulfilling your racing ambitions. Karting is unsurpassable for its accessibility  and is perfect for petrolheads to get their first taste of real racing.

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