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Racing for a few hundred pound?

It would seem impossible not so long ago. But now, thanks to Club MSV, you can get racing on some of the country’s finest tracks for only a few pennies.

With four classes to get involved in, it’s a simple and effective way to get you motor racing. With cars ranging from Class A Renault Clios and BMW 328’s to slower Class D Ford Pumas and Porsche 944’s, the 30-strong field is varied and packed with normal (and often novice) race drivers battling it out for ultimate glory.

It only takes a brief look on the Club MSV Trackday Trophy website to see that everyone involved with the series is in it for the fun and thrill of motor racing. Drivers hail from all kinds of professions including estate agents, painters, decorators and even shop workers.

With four classes in each race, there’s no need to feel out done by the big boys. You’re not racing in some inter-class championship – you’re racing to win your class. So with 12 possible podium positions on offer (across all the classes) you’ve got a great chance of grabbing some silverware.

Cars must be fully compliant with MSA regulations (roll cage, fire extinguisher and cut off switches) but the regulations for the series are reasonably relaxed, so that drivers who have already developed cars for track days without having to follow any rules will still be eligible.

Races are designed for teams of two drivers so that the costs of running the car can be shared, together with the excitement! Classes are determined on a power-to-weight ratio and each event consists of 30 minutes practice/qualifying, followed by a 45 minute race both of which will take place on one day to reduce overnight costs.

Teams must contain at least one novice driver who has competed in less than six races before. However, experienced racers are permitted to race with a novice co-driver. Solo entries are also acceptable from novices.

So what are you waiting for? Get booked up to race today! For more information go to:


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