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Top Gear Track Guide

Top Gear Track Guide

For all fans of Top Gear on BBC 2 you will recognise the world famous Top Gear Track as the testing ground for some of the worlds fastest and most exotic cars. Resident test driver ‘The Stig’ takes each new supercar round the track to pitch them against each other and the clock. It also hosts the ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ features where celebrities try there hand at driving the same car to see who car can the fastest lap time. This is a very interesting track with many different slow and fast bends, specially designed for Top Gear by Lotus and is soon the feature in the PS3 game Gran Turismo so you will be able to test it yourself. With the departure of the current Stig who will replace him?


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Track Length:
1.739 miles  (2.8 km)
Track Direction: Anti-Clockwise

Dunsfold Aerodrome
Dunsfold Park

Circuit Directions - Click Here


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