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UK Track Guides

UK Track Guides

Our comprehensive guide to all UK racing circuits with maps, stats and videos from some of the most famous in the racing world.

Hill Climb Track Guides

Hill Climb Track Guides

Hillclimbing pits the car and drivers against the clock on a point to point uphill course or sprint circuit. One of the oldest forms of motor sport in the UK with a vast amount of tracks.

Rallycross Track Guides

Rallycross is a form of circuit racing held on a track with mixed surfaces usually tarmac, gravel or mud using high powdered rally cars.

UK Karting Track Guides

Karting is a fantastic way to get involoved with motorsport and hase given us some of the finest drivers racing today.

Drag Strip Guides

Drag racing started in the late 20s  in Southern California on the beach and then later  onto street  for more traction and speed.

Sprint Guides

Sprint Guides

Sprinting is a point to point sprint against the clock usually on circuits, roads or purpose built courses. Like hillclimbing this is a very competitive sport and allows everyone to take part..

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Longcross Proving Ground
Located on a former airfield located in Chertsey, Surrey. Longcross offers a unique driving experience with one of the...  more


Bedford Autodrome
Located on a former Aerospace airbase in Bedfordshire. Over a five year period former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer....  more


Blyton Park Raceway
Under new management and has resurfaced the old site with an exciting new track. Blyton is set to become another amazing ....  more

Top Gear Track

Top Gear Circuit - Dunsford Aerodrome
For all fans of Top Gear on BBC 2 you will recognise the world famous Top Gear Track as the testing ground for some of....  more

UK Speedway Circuit Guides

UK Drifting Circuit Guides

Stock Car Circuit Guides

Speedway is a well recognised form of motor sport, in which 4 riders race on circuits of different sizes and shapes.

Drifting has come from the illegal street of Japan to major UK circuits becoming a new up and coming motorsport.

Drifting has come from the illegal street of Japan to major UK circuits becoming a new up and coming motorsport.

Track Days

Motorsport Tours & Travel

Race Tickets

Track days are a good way to let of steam and push your car to its limit in a safe controlled environment. No police just professional advice and safety..

Enjoy motorsport and take a holiday with first class service hassle free transport and excellent racing in the sun.

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Motorsports and Car Racing Events

Is there a better way to enjoy the upcoming holidays for every passionate car racing fan, than with motorsports? Motorsport Holidays provide you a perfect combination of popular cities with the excitement of watching motorsport live. Here you will find a small selection of some popular motor racing circuits in the UK.

  • Formula 1 British Grand Prix
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • CarFest North and Carfest South
  • Goodwood Revival

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Track & Circuit Guides

If your wondering about going to watch your favorite motorsport event then our track & circuit guides section will be perfect. From where to stand to enjoy the best racing action or simply what to take with you to make your experience more comfortable. Our track & circuit guides intend to give you all the information you will need to choice which ones you should attend or even race yourself on a track day.

Racing Circuits

As the birth place of motorsport the UK has some of the worlds most exciting and demanding racing circuits in the world with some of the most famous racing circuits in the world. From the formula one drivers favorite  track Silverstone to the modern fast and technical Rockingham Raceway we have the largest variety of tracks in the world. I hope this website gives you all the information you will need to enjoy British Motorsport.

Drag Strips

Every petrol head dreams of beating the person next to you away from the lights, so what better place to go then a quarter mile drag strip. Drag racing started on the streets and as cars and technology got better then they moved to drag strips where official timing and leagues where started. There’s nothing better than watching a car do the quarter mile in under five seconds.

Race Tickets

Having had a bad experience when ordering F1 race tickets I searched the internet for hours trying to find someone to help me out in my hour of need. I tried everything and the only company that would help me out was They where brilliant and the tickets arrived the next day and all was well. If your after any race tickets then I would recommend this company to anyone.

Motorsport Holidays

What better way to enjoy motorsport than to combine it with a holiday abroad or in the UK. Motorsport Holidays give you the best of both worlds letting you enjoy the sites and sounds of some of the worlds most attractive cities with the excitement of watching your favorite motorsport live. Here you will find a selection of some of the UK best motorsport holiday providers that will be able to help you plan everything from tickets to flights.

Motorsport Betting

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