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Brentwood Karting Circuit Guide

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Brentwood Karting Circuit Guide

Brentwood Karting Circuit is one of the longest and faster circuits in the country and with excellent professional facilities this makes Brentwood one of the UK premier kart clubs. They even offer online lap times so you can show off to your friends after the race. With a good mix of bends and cambers and at 8 meters wide this circuit offers a good variety of lines and overtaking opportunities. Brentwood are pushing for more and more young people to get into karting and to follow the foot steps of the F1 heros by promotion British Motorsport.


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Track Length:
Track Direction: Clockwise
Corners: 10

The Raceway
Brentwood Leisure Park
Warley Gap
CM13 3DP
Tel: 01277 260001

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